Frequently Asked Questions

What do you mean “you will coach me”? What is coaching?

This is one of the biggest confusions a person can experience related to this subject of allowing a professional to help, because the differences between the terms coaching, mentoring , therapy, consulting and training are not clearly defined and understood by everybody.

I had clients that have expected the coaching session with pen and paper, ready to write down all the advice regarding the possible ways to solve their problem, their only question was: “ok, tell me, what should I do now to get out of this mess?” This is not what coaching is about. Nobody can ever tell you what to do. Instead I can make you aware of your resources, your knowledge, help you see yourself the way the Creator sees you, bring to your awareness and unlock the limiting beliefs that can keep you small and struggling.

Some people assume that it is like in the movies when one goes to a psychotherapist, lie down on a couch and expect to be questioned about their life story and past traumas and misfortunes and injustices they have experienced along their journey. This is definitely not what coaching is doing, either.

Coaching is action oriented, it is about moving forward, not dwelling in the past. We are not looking for persons or circumstances to blame but learn that we have contributed to this reality, we are co-creators and need to undertake full responsibility for it if we are willing to change anything.

My work is totally aligned with the ICF (International Federation of Coaching) requirements, so I would quote here from the ICF official website:

“ICF defines coaching as partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential, which is particularly important in today’s uncertain and complex environment. Coaches honor the client as the expert in his or her life and work and believe every client is creative, resourceful and whole. Standing on this foundation, the coach’s responsibility is to:

• Discover, clarify, and align with what the client wants to achieve
• Encourage client self-discovery
• Elicit client-generated solutions and strategies
• Hold the client responsible and accountable

This process helps clients dramatically improve their outlook on work and life, while improving their leadership skills and unlocking their potential.”

At the above address you will also find the distinctions between coaching and all the other disciplines already mentioned.

I strongly encourage you to do some research before hiring a coach in order to know exactly what to expect.

My personal opinion, based on my daily practice, is that coaching is a powerful alliance, a solution focused, result-orientated, systematic collaboration.

I accompany my clients on their learning and growth journey, enable them to make conscious decisions and empower them to become the masters of their own life.

How will you coach me?

I am definitely a combination of life coach and spiritual awakener.

I have always strongly believed that we are so much more than we have ever been taught in school or by our parents. I have come to realize that we are powerful creators, not helpless victims, thrown down on Earth by a judgmental Father and that we are so well equipped with everything we need in order to experience the kind of life we desire but we just do not know it! Yet .  

I keep saying that all I teach and all I preach is going to become common knowledge in a few years and those who work with me are not interested only in the fixing their specific, present situation but in understanding the biggest picture, in taking their rightfully deserved driver’s seat on this journey in physicality.

Part of my mission is to remind people who they really are, bringing to their awareness the subconscious programs that run our life on an automatic pilot, the deep buried beliefs and patterns of thought that determined our habitual, ritualistic like reality. A little shift in the way we perceive and understand the Universe and our purpose here, triggers huge changes in our mentality, behavior and actions.

In my coaching practice I expose my clients both to the wisdom of ancient secret knowledge of the universal Laws and to the latest discoveries of modern sciences that can only prove that old books and teachings were profound and real.

I support and sustain energetically my clients’ shift, creating a proper elevating energy field that would make the shift less bumpy but smoother and natural.

I use my coaching skills to ask powerful questions that would work as the password “Open Sesame” to allow access to the secret passage of your subconscious mind. Following my own intuition and insight I pick up unconscious beliefs or blockages that prevent your success and happiness. I use profound, deep meditations that tap into your inherit knowledge and your creativity. Last but not least, I encourage my clients to take massive inspired actions and keep them responsible and accountable for their evolution.

Why should I hire you from all the coaches in the world?

You are unique and divine and this is what I honor most in a client. You are not here, on Earth, by chance and your trials and tribulations are not accidents. They are meant to shake you up, to awaken you to your true power and potential, to make you aware of who you really are and what your purpose is here.

I do not intend to help you just get out of a specific unpleasant or stressful situation, because, you know what? Today you might be stressed out and worried that you cannot find your ideal partner, tomorrow that you cannot get pregnant, later on that you cannot parent your children as you wish or they make you crazy; eventually you will be all stresses out and in time crisis, you might lose your job or be forced to relocate to the other end of the world; you might experience a severe illness or loss of a relative or a divorce …and who knows what else…What will you do then? Hire a coach for each of these specific problems you need to solve?

I intend to give you the tools to master your life by yourself, with grace and ease, with a higher understanding and making use of all the Universal wisdom, no matter what life will bring onto your path. We will never get rid of contrast (meaning good and less good things and situations).

Contrast is of uttermost importance because it helps us define our choices, our preferences, and meanwhile we get to discover who we really are, what our purpose is and what life is all about. This is how we expand ourselves and evolve, this is why we chose Earth . But you can evolve through pain, struggle and frustration or you can do it joyfully, wisely and with a loftier understanding. Either way, the purpose will be served. It’s up to you how, it’s your choice.

My Highest mission is to get you to meet YOUR MASTER INSIDE, your Higher Self, your innermost being that is still connected to all that is, who can give you the best solution to any situation, who remembers your origins and your path, who would lead you gracefully and on the path of least resistance towards any of your goals and who would always remind you to live your purpose and be truthful to yourself.

I believe with all my being that these are memorable times we are crossing now and that we need to approach life with a different attitude and have a shift in our perception.

On a more metaphysical level, I believe that we all co-create our reality and we have some pre-signed contracts before coming here. So, maybe we already know each other pretty well and have decided to meet under the façade of a coaching relationship to learn from each other and contribute to each other’s expansion.

Again, there are no coincidences. In fact “coincidence” means to co-create a certain incident.

Always choose your coach, mentor, etc., based on how you resonate with that person, how you feel inside, how much you are drawn to what he/she says/writes, how comfortable you are inside when thinking about that coach/mentor. Your heart will never lead you astray.

Isn’t your coaching a little woo-woo?

Oh, yes. I have received this question :-)

Now, it depends a lot on what you call “woo-woo” and what is your level of acceptance or openness.  I do work with the Law of Attraction and all the other Universal Laws, I am an energy healing practitioner and work with your Light Body, I talk to my guides from the above, I see auras and I believe in the ancient teachings but as for the rest, I am quite a down to earth person, too rational sometimes, with an acute sense of ridicule and trained in a corporation for a long time.

My responsibility is to help you focus on what you want to get out of your life, so the coaching sessions are very result oriented. Indeed, I believe that we always need to start from our inside and become aware of our subconscious beliefs, false or distorted perceptions first, and only after that jump ahead to make a plan of action and move the mountains.My sessions are always going inside –> out.

If it makes you more comfortable, I let you know that I am not going to flip the tarot cards, to pray with you over the phone, invoke the Violet Flame, talk to your dead relatives, ask you to burn incense or visit John of God, unless, of course, you want to :-) :-) :-)

What can you do for me?

Basically, I accompany courageous people who are tired of struggle, in their Self-discovery journey within, to remember who they are and become aware of their power as creators.

Why courageous?

Because you need some gut to admit that all you have believed in until now was far from being true, that all you have experienced is just your creation, so gone are all the excuses and the escape goats, you cannot blame anyone, you cannot make others responsible for your misery (not even the government, the politicians or the Illuminati :-) ), you need to take full responsibility for your life and work your butt off to make the necessary changes if you wish for something different.

For many this is a hard pill to swallow, so they prefer to keep things as they are, even if they are not happy at all with this status quo. But you remember what Morpheus said :

“You take the blue pill, the story ends.

You take the red pill, you stay in Wonderland

and I show you how deep the rabbit hole goes” 


It is the same thing when coaching with the Law of Attraction, NLP, Future Visioning and Light Body, only that I am not as mysterious as Morphy :-)

As I was saying before, my specialty is to get your Spirit back home, to get you to meet your Master Inside and become the powerful creator you have always been meant to be.

In this way you are no longer at the “effect” end of the stick but at the “cause” end. You stop reacting to what is happening and start creating deliberately and consciously. You listen to your intuition and follow your sixth sense (which is in fact, your first sense). You start to feel as part of the One, become calmer, happier, go through life with ease and grace and higher understanding.

That does not mean that you stop having challenges and bad days, but you have shifted your perception and the way you interpret the events, you start attracting different circumstances and opportunities, you are not easily hurt, nor do you fear anything, you have the ability to choose the course of action and to enjoy the ride even under more difficult conditions.  That means to get your power back. And what is power?  It is the ability to create desired changes and the awareness that you can do it.

My mission is :

– to empower you by exposing what is holding you back, deconstructing your ego programs and discovering what will move you forward towards your most authentic and fulfilled Self;

– to bridge the gap between you and the highest version of you, ever, by teaching you how to manifest your desires,  magnetize what you wish for, prepare and align yourself to receive what you have asked for;

– to guide you into remembering that everything is energy, that we are vibrational beings who create in every single moment with our thoughts and emotions and that once you have brought up to the conscious level of the mind, all the unconscious programming and conditioning, and transform them into more beneficial programs (about health, wealth, achievement and success), you are free and ready for joyful expansion.

And this is the ultimate purpose of humanity on Earth.

How could I know that I need to be coached by you?

If you feel that this kind of life is too much for you!

– You find yourself like in a hamster wheel, routine has taken over your living but you feel deep inside that something is missing, that there must be more than that in life;

– If you find it difficult to define and achieve your purpose in life;

– f you are the parent of new kid ( indigo/ crystal/ rainbow) and have no idea how to deal with the subsequent challenges;

– If you have started to experience “odd” things: intriguing synchronicities, seeing orbs, lights or geometrical patterns, hearing whispers, feeling strong impulses to do things you do not usually do : meditating, praying, reading mantras… and you do not know what is happening to you;

– If you are stuck , don’t know what to do with your life, tried everything and nothing worked , you feel down and low and have no idea what to do next, but you cannot pin-point what that is;

-If you know many things about alignment and how to attract your heart’s desires and you practice what you have read but still nothing seems to work for you;

– If you realize that you experience repetitive patterns: divorced – remarried – divorced again, broke – better off – broke again, lost your job – got another one – lost it again, unsatisfied – successful – unsatisfied again, abused – recovered – abused again…

– If you feel numb : nothing can make you happy, you find no joy in life, you have lost the ability to enjoy your work/ house/ family ;

-If you always seem to have a packed planner and you are looking for balance and longing to live in peace amidst chaos;

– If you are feeling overwhelmed by your daily obligations, and looking to optimize your joy and fulfillment;

– If you are navigating a job change, a relationship change or any challenge or transition that requires objective input and fresh points of view;

– If you undergo a traumatic event: death of a relative, divorce, separation, house move, relocation, bankruptcy, unemployment… I have left this aspect for the end even if it is an important part of my job because I have to make a clarifying note here:

there are wonderful coaches out there specialized in some of these traumas, who have experienced them at first hand, so they know how to get you out of that abrupt abyss because they have been there and managed to survive to teach others how to do it. I have never been relocated or divorced for example, so, how could I possibly know what you are going through? I would not be in my full integrity with that. So I strongly advise you to look for one of these coaches if you need a quick fix.

Yet, if you are strong enough to dive deep inside your own soul and allow yourself not only to be band-aided but profoundly healed, understanding the big WHY and arising from the ashes of your old self,  I can help you get  a higher perspective on that experience that will soothe you and give you peace of mind and serenity. I can lead you into that understanding that there is meaning in everything, that nothing is at random, we come here with some contracts already signed and with a specific blueprint and nothing is meant to hurt us but on the contrary, it is designed to expand our Spirit and make us evolve and grow.

– For anything else you might experience at the moment: give me a call, you get a complimentary half an hour session at no charge and we’ll see if I can be of any assistance.

In any of these cases, please, call a professional! Almost all coaches offer a complimentary session and you can get valuable insights for free. Do not waste time complaining about it and crying on a friend’s shoulder because you just engulf yourself deeper and deeper into that vibrational frequency that will only make things worse.

Do not just expect it to go away by itself, either; time does not heal everything as we have been taught! Action does!

Do you work with kids or younger people?

This is a dear subject to my heart because I consider the nowadays kids not only a new generation but a new species. They have their own agenda and their own special purpose for being here during these times. Most of them are older spirits and more experienced than their parents and besides that, they cannot quite align themselves to the rigors of our outdated social systems so they get into trouble sometimes.

It is an honor for me to work with this kind of kids and adolescents because I, too, learn a lot from them. I used to be a High school teacher so we get along very well. There are so many things school doesn’t teach and especially nowadays a lot of adolescents get contradictory and confusing signs from our society.  We want to inspire them to live more meaningful lives, yet they live in a celebrity obsessed teen culture and experience the detrimental effects of a materialistic world. We would like to encourage them to believe in their own abilities and strengths and yet they see how mediocre fellows are pushed in front of all the others by influential parents.

But, still, teens are able to step into their own power if they become more positive and awake, if they are taught mindfulness, how the brain works, how we create our reality, what their purpose in life is, how to meditate, the basic laws of spirituality… and so on.

There is another aspect about my work with kids. I have already told you that these kids are a new species.

Besides that, nowadays the veil between dimensions is pretty thin and you might be knocked off your shoes when your kid will tell you about the angel that plays with him in his room, about the memories about a past life that he can prove to you, about his nice chat with a fairy in the garden or about a weird machinery he came here to invent to help humanity. Don’t panic! Breathe and call me! :-)

There is nothing wrong with your child. He is not crazy, nor is he possessed! He is just aligned and ready to accept his mission. Do not stifle that! Do not convince him that it is just his imagination or a dream only because you are scared! This is a huge crime against mankind!

Important note: I am not specialized in working with kids with ADHD, autism, Down syndrome or other related disorders! All I know is that it is no accident that there are so many children suffering from this nowadays and that there are spiritual causes involved. I cannot specifically help you with this but before putting your child on medication, it won’t hurt to give me a call and have my take on this. It will not cost you a dime.

Are you a business coach, too?

No, I have no interest in coaching on issues of motivation, productivity, low performance, hiring professionals, reconciling owners with employees, starting up your business, time management or changing careers.

Yet, all of the above can be subject of a coaching session with me if you are looking for the understanding of the reasons you have attracted something like this into your life, or in what way this circumstance is helping you evolve, how you can become more aligned with your Higher Self and your Purpose so that to take the best decisions in full awareness or how you can benefit from the lessons learned on these occasions.

For example, I daresay there is no such thing as a career crisis. There is always a spiritual crisis underneath that external, visible manifestation.

Then, any business person is a human first and foremost, with fears, beliefs, and challenges of his own. So, working with an executive who is facing a major conflict with some employees or who wants to launch another working project but has second thoughts and doubts, so he is looking for more clarity and alignment, these are definitely issues for life coaching.

How do I know that we are compatible?

I offer a 30 minutes free session or interview, if you prefer to call it like that, when you can see if we are a match and whether you can find value in what I deliver or not. Please, read first this FAQ section and the articles on the blog that can tell you a lot about my approach, beliefs and skills.

How do I pay?

Please contact me by e-mail at or by filling the form given in the “Contact” section  before making any payment. Full payment for Life Coaching is due prior to the commencement of coaching. I usually work with Paypal but if that is not feasible at all, we can talk about other major form of conventional payment.

How many sessions do I need?

That highly depends on the issues we are working on, but I doubt that (if you are committed and do the work) you will need more than 12 sessions that would cover a 4-5 months span. This is my Pure Diamond package, with special discounted rates and it is recommended when you want to change a whole imprinted paradigm that affected more areas of your life, not just one aspect.

My mission is to empower you and make you aware that you are the master of your life so I do not foster any addictive relationship between my clients and me, thus I do my best to help you get on top of things during those 10- 12 sessions. If after these 10 sessions you still have other related issues to solve and need help or guidance, of course I am here to support you.

On the other side, there are many cases when clients need just some clarity or to discover some unconscious barriers or blocks they cannot put their finger on and they need just 2-3 sessions.

What if I decide that I do not like your coaching or it is not working for me?

I have no intention to trap you in any kind of partnership you do not want to be in.

I am in business with Spirit :-) so I cannot afford to be dishonest or a cheat.

You will have a full refund for all the sessions you have not taken, less the transfer fees, with no other questions asked or any hard feelings.

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